Wow, I feel stupid now…

April 13, 2006 at 11:40 pm (Uncategorized)

I researched the subject and found out I’ve apparently been doing emo wrong. Lovely lovely lovely.

Shut yo mouf.

Here’s what I’ve been missing:
1. The pins. I have them all on my brit-punk jacket (distressed denim jacket COVERED in pins and patches).
2. The hair. Mine is, at the moment, pretty normal, albeit burgundy streaks.
3. I have the track jacket. It’s just yellow and green. (It’s not my fault. My brother bought it.)
4. My studded belt is black. Not white.
5. The shoes don’t count. I have Chucks.
6. I won’t to be pressured into corporate endorsement because some website tells me emo girls only wear Diesel jeans! (Plus they don’t fit me. XP)
7. No piercings other than ears. I’m only a freshman, after all.

By the way…

Ha-de-haha. He should be my boyfriend. XD

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